At All Home Recordings we offer home made music for audio visual projects like short- or feature films, video installations, documentaries, advertising, fashion shows etc.

As we build up our library, we will add more artists and more genres.

Adding our music to an audio visual project provides us with the opportunity to work with artists from a different discipline and we hope our collaborations will lead to new friendships and enhancement of the work of both artists.
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All Home Recordings has been set up by Gunn.R in 2014. Having a vast amount of home recorded music (well over 500 songs!) and not doing anything with it seemed a bit of a waste.

Also knowing many other musicians with home studios and nowhere to get their music heard or used inspired the idea to set up a record label just for this group, with the intention to connect these artists to audio visual artists who need music for their projects and can't afford the regular library services out there.

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If you have any question regarding licencing our music for a project, or you would like to be represented by All Home Recordings, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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