Hassie Dune

Man of many Spirits: chapter 1

Released on All Home Recordings february 15th 2015. This album is the fist chapter of analogue "field" recordings recorded in his own home studio.

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Artist Bio

Hassie Dune, (+) vibe performer from Amsterdam. Starting playing drums in the 80's, fully inspired by P-Funk music, half way through the 90's the bass guitar took over Hassie's attention. All kinds of music styles were explored during these years. A quite intense period of international performances followed after 1999, with different style bands and projects (see biography www.hassiedune.nl). Besides these live gigs, recording home-style Tunes always kept Hassie's inspiration running. Until the day of today, his "Rhythm & Roots" sessions still represent freaky songs that combine electric sounds & beats (Moogs/MS20/Maschine) and organic real time instruments (percussion, N'goni (harp), vocals).

It is this mix & mash up of Groovie Rhythm and Space-Sound-effects, that will be shared on this "All home Recordings" Label. A unique archive of albums, that both reflects Hassie's funky foundation as well as his (Antropological) adventures in West Afrika.

I hope you enjoy, and experience the postive power of my music

website; www.hassiedune.nl


All tracks written, performed, recorded, produced by Hassie Dune © 2016