Earthly Studies

Released november 14th 2016.

Welcome Salgueirinho!

Recorded by the newest member of the AHR family in his home studio in Rio de Janeiro.

Salguerinho makes electronic instrumental music as well as working frequently as a soundtrack artist using mostly digital instruments, but occasionally some analogue instrumentation finds its way into the mix too.

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Album Notes

At least three narratives guide these Earthly Studies besides the order of the songs and the fact that they are instrumental pieces (allowing for the most unreasonable discourses). In first place, the Studies are an extra-human expression of certain aspects of the blue planet and of the beings which inhabit it, for example, the Purple-martin (progne subis) which migrates annually from one hemisphere to the other, fleeing from the North-American winter to the Brazilian Southeast, taking improbable routes full of mishaps. Hopefully we will take a ride in this true saga.

Earthly Studies is an undergraduate course in comparative geophonics at a low ranked university (where I teach) on a distant planet. Amongst the topics studied on the course (even though not focusing on textual references) is the biblical Exodus, covering the Hebrew escape from Egypt and the forty years it took to cross the Arabic Peninsula and reach the reputed promised land. Indeed, Antônio and the Cane is the soundtrack for a game developed in our department in which Antônio – or you, faithful listener – retraces Moses’ march to Mount Sinai, and with insight, perseverance or the hand of God, to Canaan. Good luck to all and have a good crossing.

Professor Gurdjoff

released November 14, 2016

Earthly Studies (2016, independent).

Total time: 56:47

All songs written, mixed and produced by Leandro Salgueirinho.

Mastered by Renato Amu.

Art Cover by Yuri Fortuny and Salgueirinho.

Testimony in "Progne Subis" by professor Luiz Dino Vizotto (UNESP-SJRP), extracted from the documentary AVE DALGAS (TV Senado, directed by Deraldo Goulart).

Special thanks to Renato Amu e Mauro Araújo.

Acknowledgments to: Alfeu França, Estúdio Marini, Bia Bastos, Carlos Cardoso, Luiz Arthur Ribeiro, Rodrigo Amin e LUVA, Deraldo Goulart, Thomas Geiss, Pablo Cruces, Letícia e Leonora Braga, Yuri e Joana, Chris Sauer, Amanda Costa, Yasmim Assade, Hudson Barros, Gustavo Gojen, Guto Bellucco, Kevin Lynch e Filipe Ribeiro.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


All tracks written, performed, recorded, produced by Salgueirinho © 2016