Economy Price Dub

As the crisis continues, Soul Calibrator helps out by lowering his prices to an absolulte bargain basement bottom deal. So, splash out some spare change on your favorite analogue dub hero! Available from 05/05/2016. Find the album on
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Beats, Tidal, Deezer and Rdio and many other digital outlets.

Harvest Time

Hot on the heals of "Und Jetzt...", Soul Calibrator comes with another dub special album just in time before the end of the year! "Harvest Time will be released on 15/12/2015. Find the album on Spotify and all other major outlets.

Und jetzt

The new album of Soul Calibrator coming out on All Home Recordings october 1st 2015. Aimed at the German market, but not excluding anyone who loves amazing electronic analogue music!

Return to Africa DUB

Released on All Home Recordings february 15th 2015. This album is a selection of amazing dub instrumentrals recorded in his own home studio.

All proceeds of Reurn to Africa DUB will be donated to SOS Kinderdorp Guinea Bisseau.

Now available on: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Beats, Tidal, Deezer and Rdio.

Artist bio

I make my music using mostly analogue hardware like synths, drum machines, samplers and sequencers. I record onto a Marantz cd recorder and I mix real time on a Soundtracks Megas Desk using several effects. Most of my music is in the style of (steppers) dub, but I also foray into ambient and electro acid, adding my own twist of course!

I am based in Amsterdam and always open for collaboration and multi media projects.

Contact: Soul Calibrator.


All tracks written, performed, recorded, produced by Soul Calibrator © 2016